Paving a better future for children of all ages    

   Casa Hogar        
  Junior Highschool    

The educational enrichment program at Casa Hogar created and managed by Elisabeth during the past 17 years will be taken over this summer by Special Education teacher from Oaxaca who has already been working with the children as a tutor for the past 10 months.

V.I.D.A. places, funds and monitors the 6th grade graduates from Casa Hogar to a 3 year boarding school where the children receive academic instruction as well as computer skills, sports, music and agricultural and apicultural skills.

  High School          

Our young men begin working part time during their High School years. They start living more independently but continue being supported and monitored by V.I.D.A. mentors.


Each young man is assigned a sponsor as available. The latter finance their education and keep track of their needs and wellbeing. V.I.D.A. financially supports whoever does not have an individual sponsor.

  Future Programs  

We are planning to include girls in our programs.