VIDA Children

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Will you help us today with this live-changing work?

VIDA children are full of life and anxious for opportunities to change their lives. Won’t you help with this important work to break the cycle of poverty?


Please use our secure site to place your tax deductible donation online:  

Shop AmazonSmile and effortlessly donate to VIDA! Every time you shop online, Amazon donates a portion of the profits to VIDA. 


Choose Validating Individuals Deserving Autonomy (VIDA) in San Francisco CA. 

Other ways to donate

If you have laptops, school supplies, lightly used children's clothing, or should you want to donate in some other method, please contact us at: or (831) 854-7041.

Thank you for supporting these children and youths of incredible worth. Your gift will enable more children to nurture self-esteem and a way out of poverty through education, empowerment and emotional support.