Our Mission

To break the cycle of illiteracy, homelessness and poverty of orphans in Oaxaca, Mexico, providing the educational, financial and emotional means and support.

Our History 

V.I.D.A. (Validating Individuals Deserving Autonomy) was founded in 2000 by Elisabeth Tatum with the objective of breaking the cycle of poverty of orphans in Oaxaca, Mexico, by offering an education which would lead to self-sustaining careers or occupations.


V.I.D.A. began working with boys from “Casa Hogar Para Niños,” an orphanage for boys in Oaxaca, Mexico. Many of the boys had been abandoned by their parents; they have suffered from hunger and physical ailments; they have experienced homelessness; and have been physically and emotionally abused. The boys at “Casa Hogar” leave the orphanage with only an elementary school education and nothing else. Some of the boys are as young as 12 when they leave the orphanage.  


The career path developed and carried out by V.I.D.A. is unthinkable in the socio-economic environment from which these children have come from. The illiteracy rate is 60%.

For the last 17 years V.I.D.A. has provided the following:

  • Mayor improvements to the orphanage’s premises

  • Academic enrichment of the youngsters’ Elementary School education by providing math, reading and spelling programs, books, educational incentives, tutors, mentors, educational toys, sports and art supplies

  • Computers and computers programs

  • Extra-curriculum activities academic and sports related

  • Clothing and school supplies

  • PTSD counseling

  • Art and Craft centers and activities

  • The financial, emotional and logistic support for the 6th grade graduates to enter and pursue 3 years of Junior High School at “Internado Mantecón”

  • Continued financial support and mentoring throughout their High School years. When needed, their housing is being provided.

  • Continued financial support and mentoring throughout the achievement of a University degree or an occupation. Housing included as needed.

V.I.D.A. has proudly supported countless children. Thank you for your support!

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