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Casa Hogar
Casa Hogar Para Niños is an orphanage in Oaxaca, Mexico, where about 14 boys
ages 6-14 years live until they can complete elementary school. Their families were
generally unable to provide for them, making homelessness or orphanage life the
only options. Some have suffered from hunger, physical ailments, emotional and
physical abuse. Most of them have lost one or both parents. Frequently, their
supervisors have little more education than they have. The food on which the orphanage relies comes from private donors, but is meager and causes undernourishment.  

The boys have greatly benefited from VIDA's efforts. We have seen marked improvement in their emotional and physical health, general well-being, and academic achievements! VIDA has provided tutors, sports programs, counseling, nutrition support, food, personal care products, and medical attention. When they complete the sixth grade, we provide them secondary education as a pathway to a better life and self-sustaining career. This career path is something that most of their parents never had and is of vital importance. Returning to the streets or their villages where illiteracy is 60% is unthinkable. Care and education is the only way out of the cycles of poverty, and we at V.I.D.A. are committed to making this a reality. Please help us offer them them VIDA -- Life!